Our Story

Let me introduce you to my family! For those that don't know me, my name is Jennifer and I am married to my husband, Philip. We have been married 11+ years now and we have 4 beautiful little girls ages 10 and under.

This is our story...

For our entire marriage we have had a lot of bad luck when it comes to careers. When we first got married my husband had a good IT job in a town 90 minutes away from where we chose to live. I was working as a daytime restaurant supervisor in the town where we lived. We had our first girl in our first year of marriage and decided that it would be best for me to stay home, so I quit my job.

Once our first little blessing came into our lives we were overjoyed! My husband was able to be home the first two weeks of her life, which was amazing since I ended up with an emergency C-section. After the two weeks he returned to work only to find out his company had sold to another company and they were removing the IT department. Yes you heard that right… We had a newborn, just had a major surgery and lost all of our income.

Thankfully it was just a couple months before he found another job. This time in a town 60 minutes away, at least it was closer. About 8 months into this job we found out that this company was having major cutbacks and because he was the low man on the totem pole well you can guess. This time he would be out of work for well over a year.

In September of 2012… hello job number 3. This one looked promising it was a contract to hire position. We were hopeful that everything would work out. He started this job literally weeks before we had baby number 2 by the way. Oh and this job required him to travel all over the state and we only had one car. But we were thankful for a good job.

He worked this job through the holidays and his contract was ending the end of January. We were anxiously awaiting news of a job offer, and we kept getting pushed off… Come to find out they told us it was a contract to hire but the reality was it was seasonal help and once the holidays were done, he was done.

Thankfully only 2 months off this time and he landed a job at the local hospital in the IT department. It was a good job but didn’t pay the best. This job would stick, but we found ourselves needing to find another way to make money.

During all of this I did do photography, and did well, but with all the competition well just wasn’t enough either, but it was all we had at the time.

In April 2014 Baby number 3 arrived. Things were ok but we wanted to do better for our kids and our family. We just didn’t know how.

In February 2016 our 4th little girl made her debut. Yes 4 girls! This was also about the time we discovered this thing called a mobile lifestyle.

A Mobile lifestyle is basically where you sell everything, buy an RV and spend your days traveling exploring, and experiencing life with family as the focus. My husband and I have always LOVED to travel, so it’s no surprise that this actually interested us. Of course at the time it was only a dream, because how could we possibly afford to do that, with 4 kids you have to have a career and income.

We didn’t let the dream die though it was ever present in our lives, we followed families on You Tube that lived this way, watched, learned, and prayed to find a way to make this happen.

In the summer of 2016 I started helping out a dear friend with her LuLaRoe business. She lived 4 states away so there wasn't a ton I could do but I could help her with anything digital. So I edited her pics and created graphics for her. That was only the beginning. Soon after I started thinking about how I could help others out, designing stuff, but I had no clue how I would do this let alone let people know I am here. So I dragged my feet doing anything.

The thoughts about it never left my mind. So July 2016 I opened up my Etsy shop, thinking let me give it a try. The worst that can happen is that it goes nowhere then I am no worse off, right?

OH my word! My mind was quickly blown away by the need! I went from opening up my shop to working 40 hours a week within a weeks time. The best part was that I loved working with each and every single one of my customers. There are so many customers out there that can attest to what it is like working with me. I have many customers that have been with me from the beginning Etsy days.

It wasn't long before my husband and I realized that this was going to be it, this was going to be what was going to allow our current dream come true. This was something we never expected or anticipated!

The Fall of 2016 we purchased our travel trailer (never having EVER gone camping before together), yeah you heard that right, we were crazy I think! We went on our first little camping trip a few weeks later and loved it! We knew we made the right choice!

That same fall my husband was able to quit his job and come home so he can help with the kids, and I could focus more on the business. Everything was going great! We were moving forward with going mobile, downsizing and started selling off our stuff and then just after Christmas my world came tumbling down.

Policies changed and we were no longer able to outright advertise that we could make stuff for LuLaRoe. Sales dropped to nothing and we were devastated! Over the course of the next few weeks I spent a lot of time scrambling, thinking, exploring, and trying to find a way to make it all work. I connected with another graphic designer and we worked together on a couple projects hoping to stir up some business. But nothing was the same.

So we started to rebuild the business! As a graphic designer I can design anything for anyone it just has to be requested by the customer, so that was our focus moving forward! So I launched my Facebook group and worked on networking, growing, and expanding. It started slow but it is because of a lot of amazing people spreading the news that my group is what it is today, in fact this business is 100% built on referrals! Because of you and your referrals and your loyalty I am able to provide for my family!

It is because of you that we are living out our dream!

In the summer of 2017 it was official we moved into our trailer and put our house on the market, we were ready, this was happening... 1 week in and major devastation our trailer flooded! Oh no!! Luckily we had good insurance but this landed us with living with my parents for several months while the repairs and everything took place.

In July we sold our house officially and simultaneously my best friend un-expectantly passed away. Man it was a summer of emotions for sure!! Fast forward to the end of the summer we were well ready to get started on this new adventure. We needed the change and the hope of a better tomorrow. So mid October we did it! We officially loaded up our trailer and set off into the sunset.

We are now over 3 years of traveling and we still are loving it, shortly after our 2nd full year we traded our travel trailer in for a 38ft motorhome and have really enjoyed being a bit more mobile, travel days have become easier and have been able to extend our boondocking days. There has been a lot of learning and figuring out as we go. Maneuvering cell signal and balancing travel, exploring and the business. There are bumps in the road but it’s always about figuring it out and making it work. Finding the Joy no matter the circumstance.

You can follow our journeys more on Instagram @AlwaysFindJoyInTheJourney

One last note... The name of my business is Designs On The Go, because not only can you get designs in a fast and efficient way but because I am literally Designing On The Go!

Thank you SO INCREDIBLY Much from the bottom of my heart for supporting my small business! You will never know how much it means to us!

Always Remember... "It is never a matter of whether or not it can be done, but rather how can it be done." ~ Jennifer Aggio

Always Find Joy in the Journey!