This is our story...

Meet the family!

Hello everyone! I'm Jennifer, and the wonderful man beside me is my husband, Philip. We've been married since January 2010 and are blessed with four beautiful daughters, all 13 and under.

We are a nomad family, our RV is our home and home is wherever we park it, literally. We embrace the unschooling philosophy, letting our girls pursue their interests and learn through experiences, especially as we travel across the United States.

The Rollercoaster Journey

Early Challenges:
In the early years of our marriage, we faced a series of career challenges. When we got married, Phil had been working at a dental practice for over a decade, about two hours from our home. Shortly after our first daughter was born, I became a stay-at-home mom. Unfortunately, during my emergency C-section, I missed her birth entirely, but thankfully she was healthy, and Phil could stay home for two weeks.

After those initial weeks, Phil returned to work only to find out his company had been sold and the IT department was being dissolved. We suddenly found ourselves with a newborn, high medical bills, and no income. Thankfully, he secured another job two months later, though it only lasted eight months due to company cutbacks.

Baby Number 2 and More Job Changes:
In September 2012, Phil started a promising contract-to-hire position just weeks before the birth of our second daughter. This job required a lot of travel, and we only had one car, but we made it work. However, after the holidays, we learned the position was seasonal. For the third time, we sought welfare support while Phil searched for work.

Fortunately, two months later, he landed an IT job at a local hospital. While it didn’t pay much, it was stable. During this time, I started a photography business, capturing everything from family portraits to weddings.

Baby Number 3:
By summer 2013, we were expecting our third child. Determined to have a natural birth after two C-sections, I found a supportive doctor two hours away. However, when he went on vacation just before my due date, I had no choice but to have a third C-section. Our daughter was born healthy, and we were grateful.

Four Little Girls...

In February 2016, our fourth daughter was born. I was able to have the family-friendly birth I wanted, holding her immediately after delivery. It was also around this time, we discovered the concept of a nomadic mobile lifestyle: where you sell everything, buy an RV, and live life on the road.

Building a Business on the Go

In the summer of 2016, I started helping a friend with her LuLaRoe business, handling digital tasks. This sparked the idea to start my own design business. By July, I launched an Etsy shop, and within a week, I was working 40 hours a week. The demand was incredible, and I loved every moment of it.

That fall, we bought our first travel trailer, despite never having camped together before. We took a short trip and knew we made the right decision. By Christmas, Phil had quit his job to help with the kids while I focused on the business. However, a change in LuLaRoe's policies caused our sales to plummet. Determined to succeed, I rebranded and focused on general graphic design, building my business through referrals.

Transition to Full-Time Travel

In the summer of 2017, we moved into our trailer and sold our house. However, a week later, our trailer flooded. We lived with my parents while it was repaired. In July, we sold our house, and shortly after, my best friend passed away unexpectedly. It was an emotional summer, but we pushed forward.

By mid-October, we officially set off on our travel adventure. Two years in, we upgraded to a 38-foot motorhome, making travel days easier and extending our boondocking capabilities. We've learned to balance travel, exploration, and running a business on the go.

In 2023, we transitioned to a fifth wheel, continuing our journey with more comfort and flexibility.

Adapting and Thriving

Recently, we've slowed our travel pace due to rising costs and started camphosting to offset expenses. This volunteer work provides a free place to stay, allowing us to continue our journey while dreaming of more freedom on the road.

Follow Our Journey

Follow us on Instagram @AlwaysFindJoyInTheJourney to keep up with our adventures. Our business, Designs On The Go, truly lives up to its name, offering fast and efficient designs while we travel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our small business and helping us live our dream!

Always Remember...

"It is never a matter of whether or not it can be done, but rather how can it be done." ~ Jennifer Aggio

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