Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that you can't find the answer for please feel free to drop us a message!

  • Can I use the image I received for something else?

    (ex: I ordered a business card can I print it as a postcard or sticker?)

    Simple answer is no. You purchased a business card not a social media cover or postcard. Plus the dimensions and file set up change from item to item and to ensure the best finish product you want things sized properly prior to printing or using in other formats. Using an image for anything other then it is inteded for will create distorted products.

  • Do I receive full rights of the image(s)/file(s) I purchase?

    All images are copyright © Designs On The Go. All rights reserved. Copyright does not transfer with sale.

    Image(s)/File(s) purchased are for the sole use of the person who purchased them. Additionally they may only be used in the form they were received, modifying images in any way is strictly prohibited without written permission.

  • Will colors appear the same in person as I am seeing on the screen?

    Please keep in mind that all monitors show color differently. Colors may
    appear slightly different on your screen than on paper. Also all printers print things a little differently. I cannot not be responsible for the exact color matching due to this. If you have questions please

  • What about making copies of the file(s)?

    You may make copies of original Designs On The Go files for backup purposes only. Copies must remain ONLY on the computers that belong to you. You may not place the files on a shared drive that others would have access to.

  • Can I redistribute?

    Do not redistribute Designs On The Go files, share them with others, offer them as freebies, or post them online (even in modified form).
    You may make digital cards containing my images for friends and family as long as the card does not contain layers from which my images could be extracted.

    Do not post my full resolution designs on public online forums or social media websites.

    It is OK to use the images from the Designs On The Go shop listings on your blog if you wish to feature my work. If you blog about the digital products at Designs On The Go, please provide a link directly to my shop: