How To Use Social Media Images

How To Use Social Media Images

So many of you have benefited from my social media packs. Every once in awhile I get someone that says oh it's not working. Typically if I investigate further I discover the why it's not working and today I want to help you learn how to avoid those situations.

The images you get from me while I would love to say they are some sort of magic and immediately increase your interaction, they aren't. The social media images are a tool to help set you up for success but the magic of interaction lies in your hands.

First and foremost using these images require your personal touch! While I provide you with a suggested script you must add in your own personal stories. Keep in mind the people on your pages and in your groups are there because of you and they have a desire to get to know you better and the more they personally connect with you the more invested they will be in your business.

So start with the suggested script and find a way to personalize it, share a story, an experience, drop another picture in the comments, answer the question yourself, something to personalize it.

Secondly in order to generate more interaction, you yourself must also interact. What that means is when someone comments you need to respond to their comment and bonus if you can respond with a follow up question to get them to comment again. The more back and forth commenting goes on the more others will see the post and the more your interaction will go up.

Sometimes it can be hard to find what to respond with, in those situations pick out a sticker, smiley face or a GIF to respond with. You don't want to overuse those responses, reserve them for those times when responding is difficult.

All of my social media packs are designed to give you options, you don't have to use all the images that come in the pack to get your money out of it. So don't be afraid to toss aside images you can't relate to, stick to ones that will be easy for you to share on and interact with.

If you haven't already checkout my social media options you can go here to check them out. Of course if you have any questions or want help figuring out what is best for you, feel free to drop me an email or message me on Facebook anytime.

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