Having A Social Media Schedule

Having A Social Media Schedule

Creating a social media schedule for your business can be easy and super beneficial. It will allow you to look ahead at things at a glance, know where you need to focus your efforts and overall be better prepared for the days, weeks and months ahead.

As with most things I always recommend starting out simple! Take baby steps in the right direction and don’t overwhelm yourself from trying to jump from A to Z in one step.

I recommend using excel or even google spreadsheets. I like to use Google Spreadsheets because then I can access it from my phone or wherever I am. I can also share it with any assistants this way as well.

So, open a blank spreadsheet and simply start by listing out the dates on the left, what day of week it is in the next column. Then you must think about what you want to ‘plan out.’ Each business will be different in their needs to plan. Some things you might want to plan out are sales, blogs, newsletters, social media posts, themes, etc.

Below is a sample spreadsheet of mine to help demonstrate. As you see I plan out my social media posts, and then on the far right have an extra column showing blogs and newsletters.

I chose times of the day when I know my posts are most seen and I try not to over post so that my posts do not compete with one another, you always want things spaced out and you never want to piggy pack post after post.

I also color code my spreadsheet. So, everything starts as white. When I have something ready to schedule, I turn it yellow and once I schedule it, then it goes green. The blue are blogs that I need to write, and the orange are newsletters I need to create.

I try to have this done about 1 week prior to the end of each month for the following month. Once I have my schedule created then I go over to my task list, and I add time to work on graphics (with due dates) and time to write blogs (with due dates) and time to create newsletters (with due dates). This way I’m not trying to remember everything, it’s all written on my schedule and added in my to do list to remind me when things need to be done.

When I first started doing this my spreadsheet was a lot simpler. I focused on 1-2 posts a day, didn’t even think about my business page. Then I added in one post a week to my business page and after a while added in a third post in the group and now, I am up to 3-4 posts a day (which is my ideal) I really do not want to go any higher there.

I am also posting daily on my business page and have noticed an increase in interaction on my business page lately. I hope to maybe get up to 2 posts a day on my business page but honestly, I am in no rush. I have also thought about re-launching my business Instagram but again in no rush.

The biggest thing in all of this is to not overextend yourself, because if you do, you will do nothing great and will just be wasting your time. Focus on what you can do, succeed at it, then grow when you are able, and it makes sense. But I guarantee, creating a schedule will help you immensely in being productive, setting goals and crushing them!

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