How To Balance Business And Summer

How To Balance Business And Summer

Summer has arrived! For many of you kids are already out of school, schedules are transitioning and you are feeling the itch to work less and play more. So how can you balance work with summer? Here are a few tips to help.

Step one... Consistency is Key

Create a schedule and don’t overdo it. Be sure to always under promise and over deliver this way people will be pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed. If you end up doing more one week, great if not then there is no harm done.

Step two... Summer Savings

Clear out old stock with summer savings but don’t give away the bank! Find creative ways to encourage more sales without digging into your profits too much. Things like Buy 2 get X for $5 or $10, enough to cover the cost of that item but you are still making full profit on the first two items. Or have incentives and giveaways for when you reach certain goals… once we sell X items or X amount I will be giving away Y! The more you spend the more entries you get!

Step three... Schedule Days Off

This is smart all year long but especially in the summer. The weather is beautiful, your kids might be home, you want to be out doing things. So you should PLAN for that! Take one maybe even two days off every week if you can OR set a schedule of hours and commit to closing the laptop at a certain time. The whole reason we have our own business is so we can get out and do more and we cant do that if we are glued to our screens 24 hours a day.

Step four... Set Achievable Goals

You want to do this to keep your momentum going and your spirits high. Achieving goals helps to keep you and your customers motivated to do more.

Summer can generally be a time where sales slow so it is the time to get creative and have fun! Keep consistent and go after those attainable goals!

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