Branding Matters

Branding Matters

It really doesn’t matter if you have been in business for a week or 10 years, branding matters! In fact, having a solid brand can make or break a business! Let’s look at some of the reasons why…

Branding will form a stronger customer bond. Your brand is the first impression you will have on a potential new customer. If that customer is ‘shopping’ around and they are deciding between you (who has a solid brand) and someone else (who has no brand), who do you think they will go with? They want to go where they feel like they will be taken care of, appreciated, valued and more. By having a brand, you are showing your customers you care about your business and your customers. You can’t care for others if you don’t first care about yourself.

Branding will validify your price point. By having a brand, it will be easier for you to charge and get paid what you need to. Your customers will take you more seriously and be more willing to pay a higher price point simply because you look professional and have a brand.

Branding builds your confidence! Yeah, you heard that, you will be more confident if you have a logo and a brand you are proud of! You will be happy to show it off, tell others about your business, encourage your customers to tell their friends. You will want everyone to see your brand and fall in love with it, just like you did.

Bottom line branding is a building block to the success of your business. It is important because it will set you apart from the competition. It encourages your customers to buy from you and it re-enforces the promise you make to your customers. Your logo and look will tell a story to your customers and invoke emotions when they see it. You want them to feel good and happy and like this is a place I want to shop or someone I want to work with.

So how do you get started with developing a brand? Find yourself a good graphic designer that you can get along with and one that is easy to work with. Find one that will listen to you, your needs, your likes, and dislikes and take that all into consideration. Whatever you do, do not go with a designer that will tell you want to do and insist there is only one way. There is never only one way to a good brand. It’s important to write your own story and create your own unique look.

If you are ready to brand and want to discuss it further with me, it is always free to chat! Drop me a message today!

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