Interactive Social Media Bundle 03
Interactive Social Media Bundle 03
Interactive Social Media Bundle 03
Interactive Social Media Bundle 03

Interactive Social Media Bundle 03

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 Are you tired of creating your social media graphics? Let me create them for you!

This Interactive Social Media Pack is the PERFECT Setup!! So let me tell you about this pack!

This pack comes with 172 TOTAL IMAGES!!! For ONLY $50!!! PLUS they will come with you logo OR name on the images... PLUS they come with suggested script to get your brain going and simplifying posting...

You will get Monday images, Friday images, Games, Interactive Questions, images that make you laugh, and more!

You also have the option to ADD ON up to 4 Glitter Heart Challenge Packs! These packs include one image a day for a whole month.


>> These will have a Glitter Heart Theme <<

> Daily Photo Challenge - 31 Photo Challenge Images, one subject a day for your customers to take a photo of and post to your group. These images ARE NOT dated by default, giving you the flexibility to rearrange them, use them only for a week or once in awhile, really any way you like! 

> Big Word Challenge - 31 Day Challenge, each day people will be presented with a new big word and the idea is to make up the definition of the word, having fun and generating laughs!

> This or That Challenge - 31 Day Challenge, comes with images and asks your customers opinions on two topics asking them to pick this or that! 

> Rhyme Time - 31 Day Challenge, each day your customers will be given a word or phrase and they have to share a word that rhymes, trying to avoid using a word already used.

LASTLY you will have the option to have this whole package customized to your fonts and colors! As an example the challenge pack wouldnt be black and white it would be teal and grey or pink and navy, whatever your colors were! Fonts that you have branded with would be used on all the images. This is an excellent options for making the pack more personally yours!

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing, 7-10 business days for custom orders. (these are 'over estimates' I am hoping it will be much faster, a lot of it depends on number of sales for this product)
All images must use same name or logo.
If you have a question, never hesitate to ask!
If you are needing to get me your logo, fonts, color codes, please email to right away otherwise production may be delayed.

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