Social Media Subscriptions - What is the Difference?

So you are interested in the Social Media Subscription but want to know the difference between Basic and Elite. If you would love some help figuring out what is right for you be sure to

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Basic Subscription are great for those on a budget or have a need for lots of images on a month basis.
Elite Subscription are great for those with the extra budget and has a desire to be more personal and professional in their posts.

BasicĀ Subscription start with a general interaction pack giving you 40+ images every month but you will not use all these images, there are extras so you can pick and choose what you relate to the most.
EliteĀ Subscription get fewer images each month but they will be totally unique to you. The questions and days will be handpicked by you making sure they are a direct reflection of your business and personality.

BasicĀ Subscription will give you images that others are receiving with the only difference being your logo or business name.
EliteĀ Subscription will give you questions that others may receive but the images will be unique to you (except in rare circumstances).

BasicĀ Subscription your logo or business name is placed in the same spot on every image.
EliteĀ Subscription will get you custom logo placement on every image.

BasicĀ Subscription do come with a suggested script.
EliteĀ Subscription do not come with a suggested script, however since you will be provided with the link for national days you have access to all the info we use for the suggested script. Additionally since you are handpicking the questions to ones you relate to writing a post with the graphic will be easy for you.

If you are at all unsure about where you fall between Basic or Elite, please reach out to me on Facebook Messenger or via email ( and we can chat and figure out where you fit best.Ā Either subscription should benefit you and your business and you want to make sure you find the right fit for you.

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