Basic Social Media Subscription

Let's take a look at what a Basic Subscription can do for you!

  • Stress Free

    Remove the stress of trying to think up what to post and how to stir up conversations among your customers.

  • More Than Enough

    Every month you will get more then you need so you can pick and choose which images you like to use and not run out.

  • CinchShare

    Opt to have the images uploaded into CinchShare with you and the suggested script will be attached to each image so all you have to do is personalize and schedule!

    *CinchShare is a 3rd party scheduling software with it's own fees.

  • Suggested Script

    Both the general interaction and national days packs come with a suggested script every month, making it easier for you to schedule out your posts without spending a ton of time thinking about it.

Can I afford this?

With the basic subscription starting at $15 a month, I think you can't afford not to do it for the amount of time it will save you!

What Are The Options?

Let's walk through all the options from start to finish and build your perfect social media subscription plan!

Start with the foundation

Choose whether you want the General Interaction Pack or the National Days Pack or perhaps you would like both!

See below for descriptions

The pack will give you 40+ general interactive graphics a month. This comes with a suggested script to simplify your posting.

$15 / Month

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Providing you one graphic for each day in the month. They are randomly selected and will include funny and serious holidays. Also comes with suggested script.

$15 / month

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Can't choose, then go with both! Get the best of both worlds with even more images to choose from every month.

$25 / month

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When and how are these delivered?

Once you subscribe I will set you up with a folder on my dropbox, don't worry you do not need dropbox to access them!

Every month the graphics for the next month will be put in this folder within 2-3 days of the end of the month. You will get an email when they are ready.

Have any questions, please reach out!