Social Media Subscriptions - Basic

Welcome! I am so glad you are interested in a Social Media Subscription! I really believe that this subscription, if used correctly, can totally benefit you and your business, giving you more time for all the other things in your life from family time to IPA's.

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Are you most interested in General Interactive Posts, National Day Posts or Both?

(See descriptions below)

General Interaction Social Media
$15 / Month
The General Interaction Social Media Subscription will give you approximately 43 images a month, delivered at the end of each month for use during the following month. These images will include 31 general interactive questions, 4 Monday images, 4 Friday images and 4 Games. These images are completely dateless and can be used when they best fit your schedule. This pack also includes a suggested script to really simplify your posting process.

National Days Social Media
$15 / Month
National Days Social Media Images will give you one image for every day of the month ahead. These National Days are randomly selected and may include the funny, crazy, whacky and even serious holidays of the year. Think about National Pizza Day or National No Bra Day or even the National Holidays like 4th of July, Labor Day, etc. This pack also includes a suggested script full of all the history or details behind the National Day.

Get Both
$25 / Month
Can't decide, get both General Interaction and National Days and save $5!