Memberships : Custom Social Media

Custom Social Media Membership

 This membership is great for those that would love to have some custom images designed every month. These images will be created by your request and utilizing your branding.

Custom Image Add ons will be your responsibility every month to get in touch with me via messenger or email BY THE 20th of EACH MONTH and submit your request for your images. You will provide me with a list of images/ideas you would like. If you do not claim your images BY THE 20th OF THE MONTH, they will be lost and WILL NOT roll over! 

In order to do a Custom Social Media Membership you either had to have your branding done by me or have had a conversation with me to get approval on your branding to make sure I would be able to accommodate you. 
If you have a month where you rather use your Add on for printing you may swap out the cost of the add on direct for a print credit that month. Print Credits would need to be requested by the 20th of the month and redeemed by the last day of the month. 
You can save $5 on a custom social media membership by signing up WITH a monthly social media membership. If you already have an existing monthly social media membership and don't want to change then you can sign up for a second membership here. 

Fanny Pack Membership

 The Fanny Pack - Membership
 (1) Facebook Cover
 (3) Square Social Media Images




Backpack Membership

The Backpack - Membership
 (1) Facebook Cover
 (6) Square Social Media Images





Suitcase MembershipThe Suitcase - Membership 
 (1) Facebook Cover
 (10) Square Social Media Images