Copy of Memberships

Monthly Journey

Designs On The Go is EXCITED to bring you Social Media MEMBERSHIPS! Tired of spending endless hours trying to come up with your own graphics or using the same stuff EVERYONE else is using? Well Hello Designs On The Go!

Every month I release a new set of graphics designed to stir up interaction, create conversation and simply make your life easier! Not interested in the Interactive images, then go the custom route! 

For each Journey at any one time there will be 6 volumes out meaning that the images being dispersed every month is spread out so that there aren't hundreds of images being shared by the same people every day, making Facebook VERY happy with you!

With each Journey you will automatically receive a set of social media images every month. With each Journey you can always purchase the First Class option giving you a CinchShare Link and having all your images loaded into CinchShare for you!

Every Journey options also comes with a luggage add on, adding on custom images to your monthly Journey. 

If you have any questions at all about memberships please drop me a message or email!

So where will your journey take you each month?

The Desert - Provides enough images for 1.5 posts a day for a month.

The Grasslands - Provides enough images for 2.5 posts a day for a month.

The Forest - Provides enough images for 3.5 posts a day for a month.

The Mountains - Provides enough images for 4.5 posts a day for a month.

The Ocean - Provides enough images for 6.5 posts a day for a month.

Not interested in the Journey options above?
Jump straight to the luggage and go the Custom Route!

All memberships can be managed and canceled by you at any time! Once a payment has been processed for a month there will be no refunds for that month. 
There may be changes made to memberships at any time and if changes are made you will either have the option to maintain what you currently have, or if that is not an option you will be notified and allowed to make the decision best for you on the membership. :) If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!