Why A Social Media Subscription?

Why A Social Media Subscription?

If you run a business of any kind, chances are you have an online presence of some sort. If you don't then you should. Hands down the best way for a business to grow is through connections and referrals. In order to do this you need to keep connected with your customers, you need to create a fun community that doesn't just focus on the sales. Your customers need to know you care about them!

It can be easy to post about all the things you sell, typically a no brain-er, snap a pic, or use one that is sent to you and talk about how awesome it is. Those types of posts are good but should not consume your timeline, group or business page. The majority of your posts should focus on sharing your story, who you are, encouraging people to interact and getting to know your customers. However it can be challenging to come up with all of that, the first few weeks may be easy but eventually it gets harder and harder to think of what to say, how to say it, oh and then you have to create that image to go along with it. All of it takes time, more time then you rather spend and becomes mind-numbing... Does this sound like you? This used to be me.

I used to scour the web looking for help with social media, someone who could just hand me a pile of images ready to use and simplify my life. The trouble is nobody offered this! I came to the conclusion that if I felt this way, chances are others felt this way too, so I figured OK let's do something about this! You can find social media of all kinds throughout my shop but the cream of the crop is definitely the monthly subscription.

The monthly subscription will deliver a set of images to your email at the end of every month in preparation for the following month. The best part is you can get as little or as much as you want! You can spend as little or as much as you want! You can keep it simple or go totally custom! There is an option for EVERYONE! Whether you are a boutique owner, a company manager, a storefront, salesman, realtor, blogger or any other kind of business there is something for you!

The best place to start is by comparing the Basic and Elite Subscription options here. If you have any questions at all, or want to have a FREE consultation with me to discuss your social media needs then drop me an email or a direct PM on Facebook and I am always happy to chat with you!

Get signed up and watch the worries wash away, you will find you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business that you love. You will find this is an easy way of connecting with your customers, and that ultimately it will help you as you continue to thrive and grow your business!

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Yes we do offer custom subscriptions, you would be looking at the Elite Subscription option for the most custom, we can talk about customizing to fit your needs too. Check out info here https://designsonthego.store/pages/social-media-subscriptions-difference and feel free to email me with other questions! info@designsonthego.com

Jennifer - Designs On The Go

Price on custom subscriptions please. Also, do you offer content for boutiques?


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