Social Media Relief

Social Media Relief

If you find yourself stressing over your social media, then I have a solution for you!

I offer a lot of options to relieve your social media stresses but today we are going to look at the Deluxe Social Media Subscription! There are so many benefits to becoming a deluxe subscriber, some that are obvious and some that are not so obvious, so let’s take a look.

First and foremost, you are getting yourself a social media accountability partner! When you become a deluxe subscriber you and I will discuss all the details! You have questions, you can ask anytime! Concerns, ideas, thoughts we will work it out together!

Secondly you have someone on your team and helping you to increase your interaction! Whether I schedule your posts or not my goal is the same to boost your interaction. Every month I will assess your group, their interaction and propose to you the best times to post, what to post, how to post and give you tips.

Third it will simplify your life and release some pressure. Simply put you won’t have to think and try to come up with what to post. When it comes to the interaction leave it to me! You can put your focus and efforts on what you do best… your business!

As a deluxe subscriber you are not simply getting the same images everyone else is getting every month. I will be handpicking your images from my entire social media collection which contains more than 10,000 images! So, the images will always be the perfect combination for your group, the season, the holiday and anything that matters!

To get started with a deluxe subscription, there is a one-time set up fee. This fee covers the administrative costs of getting you all set up and ready to go. This includes the initial assessment/consultation, getting you set up in my system and making sure I have everything necessary to hit the ground running.

You can pay the one time set up fee here.

Beyond the set-up fee there are a few different options. First think about how many images a month you would like. You can choose from 15, 30, 45 or 60 images. Then you have to determine if you want me to schedule them or if you will schedule them. If you choose to schedule them your images will come with a suggested script and posting schedule. If you choose to have me schedule them for you then I will need to be made admin in both your business page and group and all posts will be scheduled as your business page posting in your group.

 Learn More!

Any questions, you can ask me at any time. Email Me!

Not sure this is the right thing for you, check out the other options!



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