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This program is long overdue and I am excited to announce the launch of Designs On The Go's Affiliate Program!

What does it mean to be an affiliate you ask? Well its pretty simple, continue to tell your family and friends about Designs On The Go and receive $$ back for doing so! Below you will find all the details!

First and foremost, what can you earn? You will get 5% off all sales that come off of your one of a kind affiliate link that you share. If you refer a first time subscriber to my social media subscription service then you will earn $5!

What you wont earn on are your own purchases or if another affiliate clicks your link and makes a purchase from my website. You will only earn off of people who are not affiliates of Designs On The Go.

Also what is really awesome is any NEW customer to Designs On The Go will earn $5 OFF their first purchase from the website by clicking your affiliate link!

Once you sign up you will be able to view your affiliate dashboard direct from your customer login, so it will keep all your important information in one place.

How do you get paid? There are two methods, the default is a Designs On The Go Gift Card, you do also have the option to get paid through PayPal and can change that setting once you are an approved affiliate by logging into your customer profile and going to settings.

How often do you get paid? Payments will be made once you have accrued $5 and within 7 days of reaching that.

A bonus... once you are an approved affiliate you will also find pre-made graphics in your profile you can use for promoting Designs On The Go, if you ever have an idea for a graphic you'd love to use to promote be sure to drop me a message in Facebook or an email at

How do you sign up? Pretty simple, follow this link and if you have any questions be sure to get in touch! Please note this program is on trial through the end of April 2021 so if you would love to see this program stick around, be sure to let me know! I am so excited to expand my appreciation to you as a loyal customer and supporter of Designs On The Go! Thank you so much for being part of our journey!

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